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About Us

We are investors, we are planners, we are changemakers.

At Green Leap Financial, we provide financial solutions with a strong focus on sustainable, environmentally-friendly investing. While located in northern California, we leverage technology to work with clients and communities across the country. Our collaborative, creative team draws on expertise across sustainable finance, impact investing, and social entrepreneurship.

Before our firm’s inception, our founder, Ute Scott-Smith, had the idea to combine her financial skills with her daughter Risa’s passion and knowledge for environmental justice. As a result, the mother-daughter team created a business focused on climate-conscious investing, and Green Leap Financial was born. Over the course of developing the firm, Ute and Risa have created a powerful duo with a wide range of skill sets that cater to multiple generations.

By managing money for those seeking financial returns as well as social impact, we aim to align capital usage—in terms of spending, saving, and investing—to do well while doing good. We believe pursuing purpose-driven returns can transform how capital flows in society.

Using Investing As A Force For Good

Using Investing As A Force For Good

Our mission is to help clients invest for both financial prosperity and positive social and environmental change. Our values of trust, purpose, passion, empathy, and collaboration drive our work. We build open, honest relationships with clients based on a shared vision of investing for a better future. By listening with empathy, we deeply understand clients’ financial situations and motivation for change. Our team members have a genuine passion for finance as a force for good.

At our core, we believe profit and purpose can go hand in hand. We invite those who share this mindset to join us as we reimagine how finance can fuel both prosperity and progress.

A Look Into Our Process

A Look Into Our Process

We offer a comprehensive approach to our clients, encompassing financial planning and investment management. Throughout the entire process, we integrate analysis of social and environmental impact at every stage. Our financial planning is focused on defining big picture goals and provides the context for investment decision-making. With our investment management, we use our expertise to implement and work towards those long-term objectives.

Before you decide on your financial goals, you need to decide on your life goals. This is always a unique process because everyone's life goals are different. What brings you happiness will be different from your neighbor, and a cookie cutter plan won’t work for either of you. It is important to reflect on what is really important to us and then align our use of capital with those values.

Sometimes our focus is on important basics, like planning for retirement or saving for college. For many clients, we discover that there is a greater emphasis on change-making than on wealth accumulation.

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